You can still get perfect audio on a windy day

So you bought a professional camera, some fast lenses, and you found some great subject matter to film. You are good at this! Wait….you forgot the most important part. THE AUDIO. Check out this great example from my Digital Storytelling Company, GATTA Creative. We were called out for an interview at a beautiful wetland, but Mother Nature had other plans.

Viewers will forgive questionable video, if they can connect to the story through clean and powerful audio. On the other hand, if the video looks amazing and the audio is bad? That is unforgivable. Its time to take that film out behind the barn and put it down.

Using the right equipment, the right techniques, then the right post production will give you sound that will draw people in, and they will pay attention.

Above is a great example of a common issue when shooting outdoors. WIND. Do you reschedule? No way. Do you move indoors because the wind blows? Never. Can you get perfectly clean audio despite mother nature’s best efforts. Yes you can.

Ben Srokosz