A sound guy in the digital video world.

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Sound has been something that has captured my imagination for as long as I can remember. From sitting at my Dad’s record player for hours, to making my first recording, to now obsessing over audio for a living, I love all of it. So you can probably imagine how much BAD audio bothers me.

When I click on the little speaker icon because I see an intriguing video pop up on my phone and I hear poor audio it absolutely ruins the experience for me. Perhaps it isn’t bad enough to turn off the average viewer, but for me it is like biting into a rotten apple. Just spit it out. No amount of stunning visuals can make up for garbage audio. Moreover, with the inexpensive options available today…..it just doesn’t have to be that way.

The first time I picked up a video camera, it was for the sole purpose of filming a band I was going to see. After getting home and watching the footage, immediately I knew that the shortcoming was the sound. That was where the work had to be put in to make the production worthy. It was so obvious to me. I had the background in audio engineering but this was the first time I truly understood the relationship between sound and vision.

As I began to meet more people that were capturing video for a hobby or a living, I noticed how little attention they were all paying to the sound. Why was this (arguably more important) part of the production treated as an afterthought? Am I just biased? Am I a snob? Do I have some over-sensitivity?

I knew that sound would be my unique skill, what I could bring to the table in any scenario. Learning how to select the right microphone, where to point it, how to record its response, then how to treat it. It is a skill. And I love all of it.

This is a simple introductory post to what I hope to be a steady stream of real world tips, examples, and (hopefully) useful opinions. If you have some BAD audio, I challenge you to contact me and ask me what I would have done differently, because I have done it all. I’ll happily answer, and even write about it in this Journal.

So, off we go! Let’s chase perfect sound forever, together.

Ben Srokosz