“Cleaning” audio is not a replacement for capturing the best possible content, but it can salvage otherwise challenged or un-useable audio. Many audio software packages now offer ‘one click’ audio correction, but it often misses the mark. Content creators assume that is the best they can get. Well, it’s not. Here are some examples of common audio mishaps.

  • Distracting or unpleasant room reflections (echo or reverb)

  • Furnace or other appliance sounds

  • Incorrect microphone placement (poor tonality of the intended source, phasing)

  • Background sounds like voices, crowds, traffic, bugs, birds, etc.

  • ‘Mouth Clicks’ (dry mouth, or the sounds from dentures or other dental implants)

  • ‘Pops’ or ‘Plosives’ (absence of a pop filter or wind screen)

  • Wind noise

  • Clothing rustle (generally when a lavalier is hidden under clothing)

  • Static, hum, or rumble.

  • Cell phone buzz or interference.

All of these issues can be dealt with, using professional audio restoration tools. Do you have some trouble audio? Let me help.